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5G Zain HTC Hub

5G Zain HTC Hub


  • 5G Router - Zain 5G Hub provides you with 5G advanced speed through Ethernet port (LAN) for low-latency gaming/work

  • 5G Hotspot - On the go with 7,660 mAh that lasts up to one day (based on usage), you will never lose track of productivity while roaming around the clock.
  • Entertainment - with our pre-installed OTTs, you can watch your favorite shows and movies through the 5-inch touch screen or you can always watch it on your TV screen the HDMI cable. Enjoy a wide range of music on Anghami with two months for free and connect your hub to your car or a speaker through Bluetooth for a better experience.
Get OSN and ANGHAMI with 2 Month FREE

  • Gaming - Among a wide range of games choose your favorite to be played by connecting your PlayStation 4 controller for a better gaming experience on a bigger screen. Please enjoy our free pre-installed games.
*Controller support are based on games. Some games are not supported by development company rules

*Game rules applies

Device Availability in Branches

The selected device 5G Zain HTC Hub - 36 Months Commitment is currently not available in branches.